Gazebo Assembly and Maintenance

 Gazebo Assembly Instructions

Here's some simple step by step instructions for first time Easy Az Gazebo users:

Setting your Gazebo Up

Step 1.  Take your gazebo frame out of the box and stand it on its feet.

Step 2.  Putting on your gazebo awning:

- Fold out the awning over the frame

- Secure the awning to the frame by using the velcro attached to the corners. 

NOTE - don`t pull the corners too far down as this will prevent your gazebo from standing up by making the awning too tight

Step 3.  Stretch it out

- With one hand on the bottom of scissor arm (the side of the gazebo) and one hand at the top of the scissor arm, lift slightly, squeezing the scissor arms together, and walk backwards.  This should 3/4 erect your gazebo.

Step 4.  Locking it into place

- Fold the valance of the awning up about 50mm

- Place one hand/arm on top of leg while using the other hand to push the gazebo arm all the way to the top of the leg until it locks into place. It may be required to push the small silver button in with a finger - allowing the arm mechanism all the way up.

- Fold the gazebo valance back down

- Repeat this action for all four corners

Step 5.  Lift the gazebo up

- If you are doing this with two people, each person will place one foot on the foot of the gazebo, press in the button at the bottom of the leg and lift up at the same time until the leg locks into place on the first level (or whatever level is required).   

- If you are doing this with one person, it is important to try and lift a side, as opposed to a single leg as this can create unnecessary tension.

- Do this with both sides


It will most likely take you a few minutes to set your gazebo up the first time. As you get used to it, this will become easier and quicker. Our record is 22 seconds... Let us know what your record is by posting it on our wall at


Taking your Gazebo down

Step 1. 

- Release the buttons on your gazebo legs.

Step 2.  

- Lift the gazebo awning on each leg, and press the button (BE CAREFUL NOT TO PUT YOUR HAND UNDER THE BLACK BRACKET - otherwise you might pinch your hand or fingers.)

- Repeat this process on all four legs.

Step 3.  Fold it In

- Put one hand on top of central scissor arm and lift slightly. Then push the whole gazebo towards the opposite side

Step 4.  Packing it away

- Squeeze your gazebo in to make it snug

- Use the pull over cover provided to keep your gazebo protected while stored 


Easy Az gazebos are Easy to set up and pull down with one person. If you do have a helper, they can do exactly the same as you on the opposite side.  This can make things a little easier and quicker, especially for our 4.5x3.0m and 6.0x3.0m gazebos.



Gazebo Maintenance


1. Before Storage

Ensure your gazebo is dry before storing away as water build up on the awning may lead to mould growth.

           - Maintaining this will keep your awning looking good and extend the life of the awning

           - Investing in a cover bag or roller bag will also help protect your gazebo.


2. Frames

Every couple of months depending on the amount of use, take the time to go around your gazebo and tighten the screws and bolts.

          - Maintaining this will extend the life of your gazbeo frame and prevent any screws from loosening and falling out.